Performance Testing

With the emergence of high speed computing technologies, end-users’ expectations and requirements on the performance of IT applications are getting tougher.  Instable IT system environment and slow application responses significantly turn users dissatisfied, and can also have great impact to enterprises’ business performance.  To help enterprises and organizations address this issue, HKSTCC provides performance testing service to test the performance of their IT applications with the use of state-of-the-art performance testing tools and technologies.

HKSTCC runs performance test by simulating the transaction mix for concurrent users over a period of time.  Load testing is the simplest form of performance testing that helps to understand the behavior of a system under normal and anticipated peak load.  The recorded response times are benchmarked against user requirements.  Stress testing shows the upper limit of the capacity within the system.  It helps to evaluate the system’s robustness under extreme load.  With the use of performance analysis reports, HKSTCC helps to identify the bottle-neck of the IT system such that adequate IT resources can be re-allocated or dedicated to improve the system performance.

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