Material Test

Atomic Force Microscope

The Atomic Force Microscope(AFM) is an excellent tool not only to provide high quality topographical images but also study various physical properties of sample materials.
The Bruker MultiMode 8 AFM provides great speed, high resolution atomic-scaled imaging with exclusive PeakForce Modes and a list of new features and capabilities which makes it ideal for scientific research.
The PeakForce ScanAsyst mode is fully automatic and easy to use even for beginners or students to acquire high quality AFM images. The ScanAsyst HR makes it possible to obtain unprecedented fast scan with high speed and high resolution.
Modes of Operations:
- PeakForce ScanAsyst Auto mode
- Contact mode
- Tapping mode
- ScanAsyst High Rate mode
- Surface Topography, section viewing and measurement and three dimensional viewing of surfaces.
- Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy to probe variation of work functions on surfaces.
- Peak Force TUNA to perform conductivity mapping on even the most delicate samples up to pico ampere change in surface current.
- Lateral Force Microscopy to study variation of friction on the surface.
- Electric Force Microscopy & Magnetic Force Microscopy map electric and magnetic domains of materials.
- Peak Forced Quantitative Nanomechanical (QNM) mode extracts useful nanomechanical properties including Young's modulus, adhesion, deformation, and dissipation by analyzing tip-sample interactions.


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