Automotive Parts Test

Climatic Chamber Combining with Vibration Shaker Tests

In a controlled temperature and humidity environment, conduct vibration tests and analyze results.
Main Performance Data:
Climatic Test Space Capacity:600 L
Temperature Range:-40°C ~ 180°C
Climatic Test Range:10°C ~ 95°C, 10% ~ 95% r.h.
Max Vibration Force (Sine or Random):1 Ton
Frequency Range:5 ~ 3000 Hz
Max Acceleration (Sine, pk-pk):1000 m/s2
Max Acceleration (Random, rms):400 m/s2
Armature Diameter:240 mm
Test Standards:
ASTM D3580 -- Standard test methods for vibration (vertical linear motion) test
MIL-STD-883G, Method 2007.3 -- Vibration, variable frequency
MIL-STD-883G, Method 2026 -- Random vibration
MIL-STD-202G, Method 201A -- Vibration
MIL-STD-202G, Method 204D -- Vibration, high frequency

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