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3D SIP laboratory (SiP)

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Hong Kong Science Park, Shatin, New Territories , Hong Kong, China
2629 6683 / 2629 6600

3D SiP Laboratory (phase 1) was launched in mid-2013 providing advance IC packaging R&D and small volume pilot production to the industry, in partnership with Applied Science and Technology Research Institute.

3-dimensional (3D) packaging technologies exploit the third or Z height dimension to provide a volumetric packaging solution for higher integration and performance. 3D packaging has become critical to integrating the multi-media features consumers demand in smaller, lighter products.

New product designs (cell phones, digital cameras, PDAs, audio players and mobile gaming) demand that these features be delivered in innovative form factors and styling. 3D packaging is experiencing high growth and new applications by delivering the highest level of silicon integration and area efficiency at the lowest cost.

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