Optics and Opto-Mechatronics Technology Centre

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HKPC Building, 78 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon , Hong Kong, China
2788 5554

Introduction: The Optics and Opto-Mechantronics Technology Centre is one of the most well established optics R&D centres in Hong Kong, we provide support and consultancy services to industries in optics design and manufacturing. Our extensive portfolio of industrial projects specialised on the development of imaging and illumination systems. Our Centre aims to deliver one-stop solutions to our clients and to support every stage of their project from design and development all through to prototyping and precision mould fabrication. We also facilitate highly advanced quality inspection systems in assistance to the manufacturers to achieve world-class standard in their production.

Objectives: To provide one-stop total solution for optics and photographic manufacturers. We provide service ranging from optical design, to opto-mechanical design, prototype making, lens manufacturing and inspection To work closely with YOU to expand technical capability and identify fabrication methods that can deliver cost-effective and technically excellent products.

Services:  "We are your one-stop total solution to optics design and manufacturing" The Optics and Opto-Mechantronics Technology Centre in HKPC is dedicated to provide the best total solution to the wide horizon of optical design and manufacturing. Through our expertises, we are able to offer an extensive range of services in optical and opto-mechanical designs, prototype fabrications, ultra precision plastic lenses manufacturing and precision optics inspection.

Contact Person: Miss Kany ZHOU