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Testing Service for Wireless Products
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Light and Heavy Vehicle Test
EV Motor Dynamometer Platform
EV Battery Power Simulation and Testing System
EV Single Cell Battery Test Station
Water Spray and Splash Tester
Dust Tester
Climatic Chamber Combining with Vibration Shaker Tests
Thermal Shock Test Chamber
Climatic Stress Screening Test Chamber
Heavy Duty Engine Test
Other Services and Equipment
Spectrophotometry System
Flow Cytometry System
Bioanalysis System
Microscope System
Protein Production & Purification System
Chinese Medicine Test
Chinese Medicine Test
Herbal Medicine related Cosmetic and Functional Products Test
Chinese Patent Medicine
Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicines Test
Analysis of marker components in Chinese Medicine and chromatographic fingerprinting of Chinese Medicine
Detection of Single Nucleotide Polymorphism and High Resolution Melting for genotype studies
Quantification of Target Gene Expression
Force Measurement
Mass and Related Measurements
Temperature and Humidity Measurements
Acoustics and Photometry Measurements
Radio Frequency / Time and Frequency Measurements
Low Frequency Electrical Measurement
Direct Current, High Voltage and Magnetism Measurements
Dimension Measurements
HOKLAS - Scope of Accreditation
EN 50155 Type Approval Test on Electronic Equipment for Railway Applications
Test Scope : Main Product Range
Smart Watch - Electronic Device Performance Test
Smart Watch - Regulatory Approval Pretest
Environmental Test
Environmental Test
Odour Test
Environmental Analysis
Thermal Shock Test (Air Type / Liquid Type)
Printed Circuit Board Resistance to Soldering Heat Test
Autoclave Test
Push and Pull Test
Infrared Thermography
Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT)
Combined Climatic Vibration Test
X-ray Inspection Service
Vibration and Shock Test
High Low Temperature Test
Temperature & Humidity Test
Printed Circuit Board Qualification Test
High Reliability Reflow Simulation
Railway & Automotive Electronics Device Test
Food Test
Food Test
Nitrate and Nitrite Test
Plate Count and Identification
Heavy Metal Test
Genomics System
Bioinformatics Services
Genomic Services
Dehumidifier Performance Test
Household Refrigerating Appliance Performance Test
Non-Ducted Air-Conditioners Performance Test
3D IC Packaging Services
Test/Product Engineering Support Service
Probe and Test Equipment
Electrical testing and measurement
External and internal package inspection
Defect Location
Layer De-processing
Optical and scanning electron microscopy
Circuit Editing
Structural Analysis
Optics Profile Measurement - Laser Interferometer
Optics Profile Measurement - Contact Mode Form Talysurf
Mechanical Testing (Industrial Machinery CE Certification Test)
Electrical Testing (Industrial Machinery CE Certification Test)
Atomic Force Microscope
Material Analysis
Quality Control / R&D
Material Properties
Materials Research Centre
Micro-/Nano- Device Fabrication and Sensing Technologies (DFST)
Centre for Electron Microscopy
Central Cleanroom Facility
In Situ SEM Tensile Test
Surface Mechanical Attrition Treatment (SMAT)
Hysitron’s TI 950 Nanoindentor
Hysitron’s TI 700 Ubi 1 Nanoscratcher
High Temperature Creep Testing Machine (in Shenzhen)
Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA) (in Shenzhen)
Arc Melting Furnace
Precious Metal Analysis
Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (FESEM)
X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS)
X-ray Diffraction (XRD)
Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM)
Temperature and Humidity Bias Test (THB)
Temperature Cycle Test
Thermal Shock Test - Air type
High Temperature Operating Life (HTOL) Test
Solder Reflow Simulation
Moisture Sensitivity Level Test
Autoclave Test
Highly Accelerated Stress Test (HAST)
Low Temperature Test
High Temperature Test
DNA authentication of animal and plant medicinal materials
Hair Drug Testing with LC-MS/MS
Microscopic Identification of Chinese Materia Medica
Assay of Chinese Materia Medica
Image Retrieval
Indoor Positioning Test
Functional Testing
Performance Testing
Consultancy Services
Research and Consulting Services
EMC Consultancy
Reliability Consultancy
Water and Wastewater Analysis (APHA and other standard methods)
Airborne Microbial Analysis (AIHA and HKIAQ Certification Scheme Methods)
Occupational Hygiene Analysis (NIOSH and OSHA methods)
Risk Analysis and Toxicology Study Test
Nutrition Study
Chemical Analysis of Waste and Wastewater
Functional Food Development
Novel Technology Development
Watch Case / Band / Dial / Hands Test
Movement Assemblies Quality Test
Movement Component Measurement
Watch Movement Test
Smart Watch Test
Watch Glass / Crystal Test
Watch Head Test
Testing Service for Wireless Products
Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) Measurement
Radiation Measurement System
Impedance Measurements
Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) Measurement System
Antenna Measurement
Mobile stations Measurement
Industrial Application and Test
RFID Tag Dynamic Test
RFID Tag Static Test
UHF RFID Devices Testing