Jockey Club Heavy Vehicle Emissions Testing and Research Centre

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20 Tsing Yi Road, Tsing Yi Island, New Territories , Hong Kong, China
2436 8688

The Jockey Club Emission Centre is designed to be an open platform to support government and industry for testing and measurement of vehicle using fuel saving technology and low carbon technologies. The Jockey Club Emission Centre is equipped with a wide range of state-of-the-art emission testing equipment for both engine and vehicle chassis testing from light to heavy vehicles. The system is certified to the latest EURO V standard by international authority. Latest vehicle emission collection, measurement and testing to an international standard can be offered. The Jockey Club Emission Centre, with its unique facilities and professional work force, is capable to help the public in Hong Kong with a better understanding of environmental issues in relation to the operation of motor vehicles and the practice of the Automotive Industry, such as emission requirements and standard, air-pollution and prevention.


Testing Service Offered

- Certified EURO V Emission Testing

- Fuel Consumption Measurement

- Alternative Fuel Performance Measurement

- Alternative Fuel Consumption Measurement

- Electrical Vehicle/Hybrid Vehicle Energy Consumption Measurement

- Engine Performance Measurement

- Engine Components Testing

- Fuel Additive or Fuel Saving Device Testing

- Emission Testing to European, US FTP/EPA and Japanese Standards

- Heavy Vehicle Safety Testing

- Professional Training in Emission Standards and Practice